As easy as pulling down a lever.

The magic that makes Spritz irresistibly easy. A touch of innovation to surprise friends with the most loved cocktail in the world during the aperitif!

Simple to prepare, it transforms every moment into an experience of pure fun.

Amaze guests with the convenience and joy of a perfect Spritz, the symbol of the aperitif!

A magical touch for stress-free parties.

Can you imagine parties with friends where you can offer cocktails without working all the time?

Sprizzer is the answer to your desires , for a relaxed and engaging organization.

Free yourself from organization and dive into the fun with your guests .

No more time spent looking for bottles, thanks to Sprizzer: the key to enjoying the party like never before!

The party is in your hands, create the perfect mix.

Choose your favorite Prosecco, add sparkling water and customize your Spritz with the bitter you love most: Aperol, Campari or Select.

Welcome your guests by preparing glasses for them, or choose the fun self-service option.

With Sprizzer, the choice is yours! Relax and enjoy the party while Sprizzer takes care of making every sip an unforgettable experience.

Amici che mangiano in compagnia in giardino

Free from electricity and batteries to recharge.

Sprizzer is meant to be used wherever you want.

Its portability is the answer to those who want to enjoy the pleasure of a good cocktail anywhere, in complete freedom .
In the garden, for a birthday in the park or simply at home, free from extension cords and sockets.

Take your party to the next level , without limits or restrictions!

Easy to use and store

Keep Sprizzer always at peak performance with quick and easy cleaning . All you need is warm water and a soft sponge!

Furthermore, Sprizzer can be easily dismantled and compacted , taking up very little space and allowing you to store it wherever you want .

Practicality is the key to a worry-free party!

Patented and 100% made in Italy

Sprizzer is an authentic Italian creation , from concept to production.

Our philosophy is durability : with a simple and long-lasting concept, we have eliminated delicate or electronic components, giving you a resistant product that will be your party companion year after year .

Simplicity and solidity , the perfect combination for an unparalleled Spritz experience.

  • 1. Place the base on a flat surface

  • 2. Connect the silicone hoses with the tanks

  • 3. Place the tank on the base

Environmental sustainability

Energy saving / Waste reduction / Local suppliers / Recyclable materials

Total capacity 3 litres

At full capacity contains:

- 1.5 liters of Prosecco
- 1 liter of bitters (Aperol/Campari/Select, ...)
- 1/2 liter of soda/carbonated water

You make 16-20 glasses of Spritz with a full Sprizzer, but you can also only partially fill it.

Thanks to the ice and the cap it maintains the temperature and effervescence for over an hour and a half.

Empty weight: 3 kg