Supporting low impact fun

Making people feel good, without making the planet feel bad.

Designed to last

Sprizzer was designed to last over time, with resistant and long-lasting materials .
It is made up of a few parts that can be replaced individually without having to change the entire product.
It does not contain electrical/electronic circuits which risk becoming damaged over time.

Low impact packaging

The box in which Sprizzer is delivered to you is designed to be used in storage, to put it away after use.

Together with the other packaging, it is FSC certified and we only use the quantity necessary to protect the products, without waste.

Zero chemical detergents

Wash only with warm water and a delicate sponge.

Local suppliers

Sprizzer is 100% made in Italy: we collaborate with Italian companies for the production of all parts and also for the creation of shipping packaging.

The raw materials for the production of Sprizzer are all of EU origin.

Plug-free: does not consume energy

Use Sprizzer as much as you want: it does not consume electricity and does not require batteries to be replaced periodically.
Total freedom: place it anywhere in the house and garden.

Free from pods or capsules

Sprizzer does not use "consumables", other than the ingredients of your Spritz, strictly from glass bottles, the most recyclable material.
It does not require repeated purchases over time such as cartridges, refills, spare parts, etc.