At the customers' table

Forget the ugly, sloppy jugs of Spritz.

Save time and increase your turnover: with Sprizzer you sell 16-20 Spritz in one go.

The barman will be able to dedicate himself to more challenging cocktails and the customers will have a blast.

A touch of originality and innovation for your venue!


At your side in events

Discover the art of Spritz without waiting!

In a world that demands speed, Sprizzer mixes ingredients directly in the glass in just 5 seconds.

Perfect spritz , without sacrificing speed.

Events, fairs, graduations.

Spritz: the heart of convivial occasions!

Thanks to Sprizzer, you simplify and automate the most hectic moments, offering the most loved cocktail.

Replace jugs with Sprizzers: a multiplier of celebration and conviviality.
The recipe is always perfect, just turn down a lever!

  • Catering, Banqueting

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    Weddings, Birthdays, Private Parties

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    Corporate Events

  • The 3-compartment tank ensures precise dosing of liquids.

  • Add ingredients even during use, without stopping the machine .

  • The ice bucket guarantees always fresh ingredients .

  • Free from electricity and batteries : ready for any situation.

Total capacity 3 litres

At full capacity contains:

- 1.5 liters of Prosecco
- 1 liter of bitters (Aperol/Campari/Select, ...)
- 1/2 liter of soda/carbonated water

You make 16-20 glasses of Spritz with a full Sprizzer, but you can also only partially fill it.

Thanks to the ice and the cap it maintains the temperature and effervescence for over an hour and a half.

Empty weight: 3 kg


Add Sprizzer to your business

Keep up with the times / Simplify and optimize revenues / Stand out from competitors