Ricambio Tappo

Ricambio Tappo

The perfect spritz , simple and quick for when you have guests!

Pour the ingredients into the three-compartment tank and create the spritz directly in the glass, simply by lowering a lever.

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A novelty that will amaze your guests
  • Prepare glasses for your guests or leave it self-service for double the fun
  • Use the prosecco and bitters of your choice
  • Ice container for always fresh ingredients
  • Free from electricity and batteries
  • Quick to wash: lots of fun without effort
  • Compact for when you want to store it
  • Top lid, for an always fresh and sparkling cocktail

Tappo superiore per chiudere il serbatoio degli ingredienti

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They fell in love with Sprizzer

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How exactly does the Sprizzer mixer work?

Sprizzer is a self-service dispenser that allows you to create the perfect Spritz directly in the glass. It is used by filling the tanks with Prosecco, bitters (such as Aperol, Campari or Select) and carbonated water. Just lower a lever to have a perfectly dosed spritz.

Does Sprizzer require electricity or batteries?

Sprizzer was designed to be completely energy autonomous. It does not require electrical connections or batteries, making it ideal for any place and situation, both indoors and outdoors.

How many glasses can you prepare with Sprizzer?

Sprizzer contains a total of 3 liters of ingredients. Depending on the size of the glass and the quantity/type of ice you can fill from 16 to 20 Spritz glasses.
Remember that you can refill the tanks at any time, pouring more bottles, without interrupting the use of the Sprizzer

How do I dose the ingredients correctly?

Pour the ingredients into the three tanks and the patented Sprizzer system will take care of the rest. The tanks are sized according to the Spritz recipe: 1.5 liters of prosecco, 1 liter of bitters (Aperol, Campari, Select or whatever you prefer) and half a liter of soda (or very carbonated water). Fill them to the same level and they will go down together.

Do the ingredients not heat up over time?

Follow these three easy tips

  1. Use cold prosecco and bitters
  2. Fill the ice cube tray with ice
  3. Put ice in the glasses you pour the Spritz into

The sum of these methods will guarantee you a fresh and always tasty spritz

Does the wine lose effervescence?

A few precautions are enough to always have sparkling prosecco:
- use cold prosecco
- pour it delicately into the appropriate compartment of the tank, avoiding it making a lot of foam
- do not shake the bottle to empty it more quickly.
- use the supplied lid to close the tanks and preserve the bubbles.

With these precautions you will have a good Spritz even after an hour and a half.

How do you wash Sprizzer?

At the end of the party, fill the Sprizzer with very hot (but not boiling!) water and lower the lever to let it flow into the tubes too. You can also use a soft sponge. Rinse well a second time or more and remember to store the Sprizzer with the lever lowered (therefore open)

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